The Relationship Between Plant-Soil-Water

Have you ever heard of the relationship made between plants and other elements?

Like humans, plants also have a relationship with other elements, namely water and soil. The relationship that exists between water, soil and plants is a very important relationship for an ecosystem. The three must be interrelated and work together. How is that relationship established? A brief explanation will be explained below.

Growth and production produced by plants is very dependent on the existence of a harmonious relationship between plants, water, and soil. How is the problem? The simple illustration is that water and land, both are the main natural resources that act as determinants of life in the biosphere. Whereas in human life, the function of plants as biological resources cannot be replaced. The relationship between water, soil and plants is created when plants need soil and water elements in their growth. Plants need soil as a growth medium and a nutrient provider. Meanwhile, to meet the metabolic needs of plant growth, replacing water loss through the process of transpiration and as a solvent element and carrier of needed nutrients, plants need water. 

Harmony or sustainability of the relationship between the three is important to note. Of course if one of the three elements is not met, the performance or growth process of other elements will also be problematic. This will affect crop productivity. Some important things that must be learned in this connection include the process of movement of water vapor in the soil in the root zone of plants, the movement of water vapor in the body of plants, and the movement of water vapor from plants to the atmosphere. There is no single movement process that can stand alone without being influenced by other processes that accompany it, both before and after it. An example is the level of water absorption by plants. The availability of moisture in the soil (the root zone of the plant) and the potential energy of soil moisture are factors that influence the movement of moisture. 

It is only a description of the plant-water-plant relationship. It is our duty to maintain the relationship between the three to maximize plant growth and production. A more detailed explanation of what needs to be learned in this connection will be explained further. 

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