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Coastal Complexity in The Big City

Have you ever enjoyed relaxing on the beach around which there are high-rise buildings, a symbol of the big city? 

What do you think about the coastal areas in the region? Many people argue that the coastal area in a big city is an advantage and its own attraction for the city. But of course, coastal areas in big cities carry their own complexity.

As a transition zone between land and sea, the coast is an area that has significance for human life. Beach configuration can be caused by natural or non-natural activities or processes (human activities) originating from land or from the sea. Activities that take place at sea and land over a period of time produce various typologies of coastal areas along the coastline. This is due to differences in genetic processes and their constituent materials. The form of utilization and management of the environment along with natural resources will vary according to the typology of the developing coastal area. One of them is coastal areas in big cities. The existence of coastal areas in big cities has some relatively high complexity, such as social, physical, economic and ecological aspects. On the social aspect, the complexity of the coastline is seen in increasing population and culture, which of course will be more diverse in line with the large population. The increase in population results in complexity from the physical aspect, which can be seen from the reduction in clean water. Physical aspects will also be seen from different slopes compared to coastal areas in non-urban areas. The complexity of the coast will bring several benefits including, the benefits in the economic field of coastal areas in big cities is the existence of tourism and trade routes which will certainly improve the economy of the community. In ecological aspects, biodiversity is also a concern with the existence of coastal areas in cities. Ecosystems that develop in coastal areas in urban areas will be more varied than other coastal ecosystems. 

Of course, any complexity will cause problems. The problem that arises is the declining quality of life and carrying capacity of the environment. Opportunities to create attractions or trade routes have the effect of reducing the carrying capacity of the environment. For this reason, special management is needed to manage coastal areas in urban areas. Management that runs well and synergistically will bring benefits far greater than the losses caused by the presence of coastal in urban areas 

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