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Irrigation System Planning and Design

In planning and designing irrigation systems, one important thing is that not only design an infrastructure, but how to make the infrastructure comfortable for the community to use.  Planners and designers must adapt the ecological environment that exists in the system.  There are three main basic designs in irrigation systems. 

First, the irrigation system as a socio-cultural transformation of the community.  This is reflected in some areas that still have a local wisdom in their irrigation system, for example Subak irrigation in Bali, Indonesia. Second, the planning and design of artifacts is influenced by the other three subsystems.  And third, more simply it can be explained that the irrigation system that will be designed to be built either by the community or the government should follow suitability (ecological environment and strategic environment) other factors (socio-cultural community).

Irrigation as a socio-technical system, is a system that emphasizes the attributes of technical and social subsystems, has an open nature in interacting with its environment, and is broad-minded where the achievement of goals is determined by groups.  

Several factors need to be considered in the design, among others :

1. Climatology: 

Climatology data obtained from the nearest station can describe the state of climatology in the area where the irrigation system will be designed.

 2. Types of plants: 

The water needs of each plant will not be the same as other plants, it is an important factor in planning.

 3. Source of irrigation water: 

By knowing the source of water that will be used for irrigation, then an appropriate design can be determined.

 4. Topography: 

Knowing the topography of the area to be designed for the irrigation system will make it easier for planners and designers in designing the right irrigation system in the area.

 5. Soil type: 

The type of soil determines the determination of irrigation water requirements, the type and shape of the channel to be built

 6. Land use: 

Determine the layout and measure the area of land to be acquired in the design of irrigation systems

 7. Social and cultural conditions of the community: 

Becoming an important point when the community as the main user and actor in the irrigation system to be built.  Every design should be made to adjust the
socio-cultural conditions of the people in the area.

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