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The Unique and Interesting Plitvice Falls

Have twins up to sixteen? Is it possible ? It is possible, and this is the case in Croatia. Plitvice Falls in Croatia is one of the unique waterfalls in the world. Find out more.

Plitvice Waterfalls

Eits, but not just any twins, but twins who are different. Yes! The lake, which is located in Croatia, is a twin lake of up to 16 which meet each other and are arranged in a cascade, which is called the Plitvice Lakes. The shape of the twin lakes is also unusual. The lakes are arranged in steps of each other. Each lake is connected with waterfalls and rock cliffs that are no less enchanting.


Like the lego arrangement, this lake also has different heights. The highest lake is at 636 meters to the lowest 502 meters. In one view, this lake is like heaven. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the lake by walking on the provided instagenic wooden tracks. But that’s not all the Plitvice Lakes have. Platvice also has a unique water color that can change, such as Kelimutu. There are 3 colors that you can enjoy from this lake, ranging from turquoise, gray or blue. The color of the lake changes depending on the amount of minerals and sunlight that refracts the surface of the lake.

In this collection of lakes, there is a multilevel waterfall called the Plitvice falls.

Plitvice waterfall

Referred to as the largest tourist attraction in Croatia with a national park that became a world heritage in 1979, this waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. How not, composed of multilevel waterfalls is something unique and only owned by this waterfall. But there is one rule that you must not break. It is strictly forbidden for tourists to swim in this lake.

How ? Interested in visiting these twin lakes? Let’s go there together.Plitvice Falls. Its will be amazing experience!

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